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About Us

White vision consulting (WVC) services is a management development and consulting company for student’s scholarship, NGOs & institutions Management, banking deals, government Ministries, and other business organizations oriented towards capacity building, trainings, developments, outsourcing, advocacy, survey, research, monitoring and evaluation, in the Asia particularly in Afghanistan. WVC has affiliated membership with international universities, and development organizations in overseas, middle east unions, India and Pakistan, through extensive practical experience with inline functions. WVC has established in 2013 & is registered with Afghanistan Government Ministry of Commerce with a business licence No: D-53764 and is legally authorized to perform under consulting services sector.

To strengthen the government & public relation through capacity building, trusting, ability, capability and consulting services to obtain the oriented result through monitoring, Survey, business evaluation and out sourcing activities for our corporate partners.

Develop transformation methodology, mitigate business risks, to bring success to our clients and enhance their business & corporate value.

Core Values:
WVC is Committed to stimulate from mutual appreciation and respect to the diverse factors such as recognition, open communication, and team work.
Client centric – Love for our clients
We are proud of always thinking in terms of what is best for our clients;
Offering solutions that are not only theoretical but both practical & professional.
Professional excellence – outstanding professionalism
We offer services of superb quality based in our accumulated, extensive, And profound knowledge and experience.
Power of Diversity – Respect for Diverse individuals
We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual abilities, and turn helping one another to grow.
Collaboration – Team strength
We have brought together all WVC consulting individuals’ abilities together into our corporate power. In working as a team that includes our clients, stakeholders & beneficiaries.