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The WVC, Survey Research and Analytics Team (SRT) is a full-service research facility that applies sophisticated analytical methods and cutting-edge tools to help our clients make more informed business-driven decisions.

Our work involves all stages of the research process from initial design, through execution and analysis, to the development and implementation of data-driven recommendations that allow our clients to drive toward greater business impact & business-oriented decision

Our cutting-edge technology
The WVC specializes in taking on “big data” challenges and converting them into “big insights” by applying cutting edge data science tools of data visualization, analytics, and statistics, to enable data-driven insights and decision-making support for our clients.

Our researchers use cutting-edge technology and research methods to uncover the patterns, trends, and relationships to provide valuable insights and resolve real-world questions. We provide data analysis techniques and tools that allow clients to drill down, explore, and actively “mine” data for deeper insight.
WVC takes data security seriously, and the SRT protects survey data, client information, and respondent identities with proven security procedures and encryption standards for our methods, computers, networks, and personnel

Our strength
The WVC has designed and conducted Hundreds of research studies worldwide for commercial and public sector clients. Our researchers have expertise in conducting multi-modal, multi-lingual surveys via sophisticated web-based survey tools, paper-based surveys, and in-person interviews or focus groups. We provide real-time survey metrics, as well as cost-saving report automation.

We offer complete flexibility to our clients, allowing for customized solutions fitted to their unique needs and environment, and can provide services individually, or holistically, Our expertise spans across all stages of the research process. We provide services in

➢ Research design consultation
➢ Research instrument design
➢ Sample design and selection
➢ Data collection and processing
➢ Data analysis and reporting
➢ Strategic action planning
➢ Implementation of action plans