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Study in Cyprus


Cyprus is a dynamic business center and fast growing education destination. Cyprus offers excellent standard of higher education with affordable tuition costs and outstanding student facilities. Although Cyprus is a member of the Bologna system, many colleges are based on the American system of education. Cyprus has a diverse multicultural environment and offers double degree programs. There are approximately 40 thousand students of different nationalities studying in Cyprus.

Why study in Cyprus
The universities in Cyprus offer quality higher education, and the country has been taking measures to increase research, funding and interest in higher education. The country provides internationally recognized degrees. Students do not need to show any English proficiency score for tests like TOEFL and IELTS. It offers affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses. The visa process is also straightforward. Cyprus provides an excellent facility for students that include cultural, social and sports activities. Moreover, there are a variety of clubs in Cyprus like technology clubs, science club, sports club, photography club, etc. that help student to explore their hobbies.

Why Study in Cyprus?
 Facts about study in Cyprus
• Easy visa process
• No bank statement required
• Fast application process
• High Quality Institutions
• Quality Assurance
• Distinguished Academics
• Multidisciplinary Accredited Degrees
• English Taught Programs of Study
• Exciting Research opportunities
• Funded Student Mobility (Erasmus+)
• Affordable Tuition Fees
• Scholarships and Funding Opportunities
• Student Support Services
• Multicultural Environment
• Large International Community
• Home to Leading International Companies
• Employment Opportunities in the EU and Global Marketplace
• Internship and Placement Opportunities
• A Supporting Innovation Ecosystem
• Access to National and European Funding
• Modern and Advanced Infrastructure